DIY Telemedicine for Veterinary Practices


Before we get started, which telemedicine option is right for you?

Watch this video to see the DIY final product in action!

*This video shows using the Vet2Pet app which requires a subscription to Vet2Pet. If you do not have the Vet2Pet app, you can still offer this service but just through your website, social media and email platforms (and not a mobile app).

Let's get started!

1. Set up Google Voice for free 2-way texting

2. Set up YouCanBookMe online booking calendar that clients will use to book their telemedicine appointment

You will need the $10/month subscription.


I have created an example of how I setup YCBM for my veterinary telemedicine in this video.

3. Set up calendar payment integration

⚠️ Addendum: April 29, 2020- Many practices have reported that Stripe is unwilling to work with veterinary practices. If you decide to proceed, you may be accepted but later disconnected.

Your account can be integrated with Stripe, to allow your bookers to make a payment before the booking can be completed.

4. Set up Zoom

5. Integrate Zoom and YCBM to autogenerate meeting room link for each appointment

Click HERE for the codes you will need to put in the fields

Good job! You're ready to play ball!